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1000 Days Sticky

The first 1000 days, from a mother’s pregnancy to the child’s second birthday, make the difference between a promising future or one affected by poor health, stunted growth and little hope.  Children who are chronically malnourished suffer serious and often irreversible physical and cognitive damage.

Agriculture Project Sticky

Groundnuts, harvested from RHCI's land in Tikonko, have been dried and are ready to eat. They will be used to supplement the diet of pregnant women and young children through the Community Health Center.   

From the Tikonko Community Health Center - February 2, 2015 Sticky

On behalf of the staff in the Tikonko Health Centre, we are expressing our thanks and appreciation for the continued support of your humanitarian organization. We received the medical items supplied to our clinic and they will be used to attend the community.

Ebola Update Sticky

Cases Falling in Sierra Leone

Goboi at our MIA Event Sticky



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