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Report on Training Traditional Birth Attendants by Dr. Carol Nelson Sticky

My primary activity was participating as a trainer in the three and a half week training of the 33 Traditional Birth Attendants, in collaboration with the Midwives on Missions of Service (MOMS).  I taught 5 of the 21 topics in the course.

The 2015 Trip to Sierra Leone Accomplishments Sticky

Training of 33 Traditional Birth Attendants in collaboration with Midwives on Missions of Service over 3 ½ week course

Finalizing plans for the Mobile Outreach Clinic to villages in partnership with the Tikonko Health Center

Assessing the agriculture project (groundnuts)

Renewing the NGO (nongovernmental organization) and  SLANGO (Sierra Leone Association of NGOs) registrations

Partnering with the Tikonko Health Center including donation and installation of the Solar Suitcase, painting and flooring of 4 rooms and donation of medications

Mobile Outreach Clinics Begin! Sticky

A milestone for RHCI happened on Friday, October 30, 2015, the date of the first Outreach Clinic in the Tikonko Chiefdom, a partnership of the Tikonko Health Center and RHCI.   The collaboration was set up through meeting in July and August, with RHCI purchasing a motorbike for transportation and World Vision providing a second motorbike.  The Tikonko Health Center supplied the nurses, meds and vaccines with partial support from RHCI. 

1000-Day Campaign Kickoff Event Sticky

RHCI partners with the Sierra Leone government, the Tikonko Chiefdom and the people of the Sierra Leone to achieve the goal of healthy pregnancies, healthy children and a thriving nation.

Proceeds to support construction of a Birth Waiting Home for pregnant women making access to skilled birth attendants at all deliveries possible within the Tikonko catchment area.

Tikonko Traditional Birth Attendants Training Sticky

The Tikonko TBAs are half way through the training to certification. What a wonderful group of women!!

Infant Supplies and Birth Kits Sticky

The Methodist church women from White Bear Lake recently made 100 birth kits to be sent to Tikonko this summer. The Presbyterian Women of the Twin Cities area donated more than 50 infant kits this spring. We appreciate these donations along with the funds for shipping. These gifts truly make a difference to the women and babies in Sierra Leone. THANKS!!!!

Schools Reopen Sticky

After nearly a year delay schools reopened in Tikonko in April. This picture shows how happy the children were to be able to return to school. Thank you to First Presbyterian Church of White Bear Lake for the book bags and supplies they sent last year. These supplies were distributed in April.


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