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Ebola Outbreak Update

With the first case reported in May of 2014, the ongoing Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone continues. Starting in the Eastern Province, near Guinea and Liberia, the outbreak has spread to nearly every region of the country. At the time of this writing (November 2),

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The Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone is part of the largest outbreak in history.  Lack of basic health care in this poor West African country contributes to the spread of Ebola.

Update from Tikonko

RHCI continues to monitor the ongoing outbreak of Ebola in Sierra Leone.  As of the date of this writing (August 16), no known cases have occurred in Tikonko town or its surrounding villages.  However, the city of Bo (8 miles north of Tikonko) reports over 20 cases.  Tikonko and Bo are located in the Southern Province.  The Eastern Province, where the Ebola treatement center in Kenema is located, has experienced the earliest and largest number of infected patients.

Second Annual Bowling Fundraiser

The August 14th Bowling Fundraiser for the Birth Waiting Home was a fun evening for everyone.  Eleven teams with 45 participants competed for two trophies at Elsie's in Minneapolis.


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