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Outreach Motorbike Clinic Brings Health Care to Villages

Walking for miles with a sick child to reach health care is the reality for families in rural Sierra Leone.  Since October 2015, RHCI has partnered with the local Tikonko Community Health Center to bring health care to villages in the Tikonko Chiefdom each Friday.  During each outreach clinic, 30 to 40 people are provided health care, mostly children.  The most common complaint is fever, and the most common illnesses are malaria and respiratory infection.
RHCI assists with providing one motorbike, stipends for the the drivers and staff, and supplements medications that is out of stock.  The Health Center provides the staffing, medications, one motorbike, and medical supplies such as rapid testing for malaria.  Undoubtedly, lives have been saved by making health care more accessible.  (pictures provided by Manley Jongopie, RHCI in-country director)

Ron Lattin

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