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Vegetables and Fruit Trees on RHCI’s land

Under the direction of Mr. Sonny Vandi, a huge vegetable garden has been planted on the RHCI land next to the Birth Waiting Home. In addition, fruit trees, including mango, orange, banana, plantain and coconut trees have been planted and will provide healthy food in several years.

Preparing the land for planting

The long term plan is for the farming project to provide much of the food for the residents and staff of the Birth Waiting home and possibly to sell at the market in Tikonko or Bo.

Mr. Vandi, is a master farmer from Tikonko, having worked in agriculture in Liberia in the past. He and three other men are providing the labor. By August, the produce from the vegetable garden should be available.

Carol Nelson

Executive Director

Carol Nelson MD is a retired physician from the U of MN Boynton Health Women's Clinic and St. Paul Primary Care Clinic with 38 years of primary care experience. In 2013, 2015 and December 2016-January 2017, she traveled to Tikonko in Sierra Leone. During the recent trip, she facilitated a Helping Babies Breathe training session for the Traditional Birth Attendants in Tikonko Chiefdom. Dr. Nelson is currently pursuing her Master's of Public Health at the U of MN School of Public Health, with a focus on Global Health.

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