Rural Health Care Initiative
  • Partnering with Sierra Leone to save lives

Our Annual Report and Fall Newsletter is now available for download. Information included in the report and newsletter include:

  • Opening the Doors Dinner & Fundraising Event (Get your tickets here)
  • Exhilarated, Exhausted, and Fully Alive. . . The Next Chapter by Dr. Gary Johnson
  • Summary of Financial Report (which you can also see below)
  • 2016-2017 By the Numbers
  • Update on RHCI's Five Strategic Objectives
  • How it Works by Dr. Gary Johnson
  • Sarah Cassell, new RHCI Board Chair
  • Report from the Executive Director
  • Catching up with Manley


Cash at beginning of fiscal year $15,602
Total donations for the year $96,540
Total funds available in the year $112,142
Tikonko Programs $31,191 63% of operating expense
Fundraising $8,484 17% of operating expense
Management/Admin $10,228 20% of operating expense
Total operating expenses $49,904
Non Cash Adjustments:
Depreciation ($9,018)
Increase in account payables etc. $1,946
Total payments for expenses $42,832
Capital expenditure (Birth Waiting Home) $57,130
*Total Expenditure in 2016-2017 $99,962
Cash at the end of fiscal year $12,180
*Tikonko programs and the construction of the Birth Waiting Home constituted 91% of RHCI donations in fiscal year 2016-17

Report prepared by Michael Musa from Musa & Benson CPAs, LLC.

A more detailed report is available on request.