Rural Health Care Initiative
  • Partnering with Sierra Leone to save lives

Your support is so important!

Rural Health Care Initiative is pleased to announce completion of fundraising for the construction and furnishing of the Birth Waiting Home complex in Tikonko.

Current fundraising is focusing on:
  • The first year of operations of the Birth Waiting Home
  • Continuation of the Outreach Motorbike clinic and its life-saving work
  • Strengthening the local Tikonko Chiefdom health clinics including the clinics in Tikonko, Kassama, and Sebehun Tarbay
The goal for the online donations is $5000. Every donation is greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

“Open the Doors Campaign”

Now that we’ve built the Birth Waiting Home, and the furnishings are being purchased (some were donated), it’s time to fund the first year of operations. Total cost will be approximately $24,000, which will be the focus of the upcoming Fall Open the Doors Dinner Fundraiser on October 29th.