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As of April 15, 2017, Rural Health Care Initiative is pleased to announce completion of fundraising for the construction of the Birth Waiting Home complex in Tikonko. The construction project, which came to approximately $100,00, includes:

  • The main building with space for up to 24 women, educational rooms, and staff offices
  • Outdoor kitchen, latrine, triage building, and garage for RHCI's truck
  • Shipping container, which was purchased and transported from MN (used for storage)

Because of our generous donors, the construction is scheduled to be completed in June 2017. Support is now needed to:

  • Furnish the Birth Waiting Home
  • Begin the operations, including hiring of local Tikonko staff

Once the Birth Waiting Home is furnished and staffing in place, the opening will take place, welcoming pregnant women from distant villages a safe place to stay at the end of pregnancy, to have access health care for childbirth.

Furnish Birth Waiting Home

Now that we’ve built the Birth Waiting Home for the pregnant women of Tikonko we need to furnish it. The Birth Waiting home is a place of respite and waiting for mothers who live far away from a health care facility, providing spaces of community bonding, support and mother‐to‐mother mentorship,