Rural Health Care Initiative
  • Partnering with Sierra Leone to save lives

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Current fundraising is focusing on:
  • Continuation of the Outreach Motorbike clinic and its life-saving work
  • Strengthening the local Tikonko Chiefdom health clinics including the clinics in Tikonko, Kassama, and Sebehun Tarbay
  • Continued operation of the Birth Waiting Home
The goal for the online donations is $3000. Every donation is greatly appreciated!  To donate, click on the picture at the right.
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Fund the Tikonko Operations

Our latest focus is on funding the Motorbike Outreach clinic!
The motorbike visits four villages, one each Friday of the Month. The villages are Dodo, Gbalehun, Lembema, and Sunga.
$3000 helps pay for one year of the the medications and supplies, plus motorbike expense and small staff stipends. More than